5 Hours of Teaching! 10 classes back to back. Teaching to the Level

I teach 10 classes each morning (in the winter months) and 12 in the summer.  I love getting in as many classes as I can each week.  I flex my weekend schedule but my M-F looks the same each week.  I keep the consistency and the kids consistently come.  It’s a win/win.


Check out my newest video about teaching 10 classes.  It’s a casual video about my morning and how I adjust to each student.  If you are interested in applying to become a teacher with VIPKID  please reach out to me.  I’d love to help you.  You don’t have to teach as many classes as I do to be successful.  You can do as many or as few as you would like.  We have teachers with extremely different styles and schedules.  It’s the beauty of our company.  If you would like help with the process click  here

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VIPKID Teacher Happiness

I am a happy VIPKID teacher. YES there are always things that can make me frustrated at any job. Sure, there are things that I don’t understand. I chose, though, to think well of my coworkers and teaching community. I have so many new friends as a result of my job working with VIPKID. I have loved my time here and will continue to work for, promote and advance the company. I am here to say VIPKID is an excellent company to work for and represent. Come join me. Feel free to appy here.  I will gladly help you work through the process of becoming a VIPKID teacher.  We have a wonderful, vibrant teaching community where you can find help and support.


VIPKID A Year + and Still Going Strong

I’ve been with VIPKID for over a year now.  I have taught  63,425 minutes.  Yep, I kinda like the sound of that.  It sounds so big 🙂  VIPKID has become a big part of my life.  I wear orange all the time.  I even sleep in my orange shirt.  Ok, that’s just because it makes 3AM wake ups a little easier.  I have tried every scheduling option I can think of and I’m still tweaking it.  I have taught anywhere from 48 to 100 classes a week.  I’ve tried mornings and evenings.  I teach some Friday nights and some Saturday nights.  I don’t always do the same thing each week.  I took this job for the flexibility and have tested it on every level.

I take vacations now.  I have the money to take nice vacations.  I can travel and work, or just hang up my orange shirt for the week and enjoy.  I’ve done both.  I work hard in the mornings and then go about my day in the afternoons.  I make a great income so that I can do what I want to do.  Sometimes I pay bills with my money, sometimes I save it and sometimes I just take a day off and get a nice massage.  VIPKID has helped me reach goals.  VIPKID has made it possible for me (and my husband as well) to set our priorities and have wiggle room in our budget.  I am now able to take vacation time when my husband does.  He has more available vacation time with his work but now that I am working for VIPKID I can join him.  We love it.


I set up a studio in my basement.  I go there every morning and teach 10-12 classes.  When I turn off the lights, at the end of my classes, I have the rest of the day to be present in the lives of my children.  At the end of the month I always have a nice paycheck that goes directly into my account.

During my time with VIPKID I have been fully booked and never have time slots go unfilled.  I am able to open weekends or chose to not.  I am able to see so many students week after week.  I track their progress.  I see their growth. It means so much to me to watch them grow up right before my eyes week after week.

My first full week at VIPKID I taught a set of twins.  About a month ago I did their Unit Assessments.  It made me a little emotional when I finished their classes that day.  You see, that mom took a chance on me as a brand new teacher for VIPKID.  A whole year later and I’m still teaching her twin boys.  They greet me with “hello teacher I have missed you this week”.  Their English is improving.  They are getting taller.  They are maturing.  Most importantly, though, they are growing dearer and dearer to my heart.    Thank you, mom,  for choosing me and accepting me as I learned to teach in the online platform.  You have given me a very special gift; the opportunity to spend time with your sweet boys and be their teacher.  What an honor it has been.  My  journey continues.  Come join me!

For more information email me at this email address .  If  you want to apply go ahead and use this link  I will be notified when you sign up.  I will gladly help you join me in reaching into the hearts and lives of some wonderful students on the other side of the globe.

Is VIPKID A Good Fit For YOU?

Are you thinking of applying to VIPKID and aren’t sure if the job is right for you?  VIPKID hires a wide variety of teachers from all different walks of life.  They hire every race, color and educational background.  VIPKID does require a bachelors degree and one solid year of experience with children.  Beyond that the possibilities are endless.  Our teaching staff is made up of men and women who live all around the world.  We have law enforcement officers,  lawyers, retired school teachers, current school teachers, stay at home moms, artists, grad students and so many more.  VIPKID does not discriminate with regards to color or ethnicity.  VIPKID does encourage older and younger to apply.  We have a lot of retired people who work faithfully each morning reaching into the homes of sweet young students.  They provide another “grandma” or “grandpa” to these young learners.  VIPKID teachers represent all forms of personality types as well.  Are you the life of the party?  Apply!  Are you the slow and steady, get the job done type of person?  Apply!  Are you one who loves all the little 4 and 5 year olds?  Definitely apply!  We have room for you all. Come join us on our journey as we reach from one side of the globe to another and into the homes of these precious children.  Give the gift of learning a language to a young child who otherwise would not have exposure to a native American speaker.

What kind of teacher will you be?  We need all kinds of different people on our team to help create a space for every kind of student to learn.  There is a student out there that is just right for you.  Don’t let fear of not being the “right type” hold you back.  We are looking for “your type”.


As always, contact me with questions or apply here and I will help you through the process.  By clicking this link I will be notified that you signed up.  I will then help you get started.   I’d be more than happy to help you go through the application process.  It’s not just a job, it’s a life changer!  Come join our team today.  We need people like you!



VIPKID and Chinese New Year

I always enjoy Chinese New Year with my students.  They are all excited about being home for their winter holiday.  They are taking a lot of classes as well.  VIPKID offers a winter holiday course that is excellent for our students to use for chatting with their teachers and working on their conversational English.  I have been enjoying these lessons with my students.  Below is a video with a few tips for booking classes during the Chinese New Year winter holiday break.

If you are interested in applying feel free to contact me here  If you want to apply and would like some help walking through the process, feel free to apply using this link and I would be happy to work with you.  I have a lot of resources to help with the application process.

Chinese New Year is a fun time of year for our students.  I like making it fun for them in the classroom by celelbrating with them. Drop me a line if you have questions about VIPKID!




How to Get Hired with VIPKID

Here are some quick tips on taking your Mock class.  These are just a few.  I will be posting more in the coming days.  If you want help getting hired with VIPKID please feel free to apply here or click on the contact me button and I will gladly answer your questions.  I am a very “hands on” coach and love to do whatever I can to help you get hired.  Check out some tips in the video below:


VIPKID Is it right for me?

I have received a lot of email recently asking the same question.  Is VIPKID right for me?  Am I a good fit?  Am I what they are looking for?  Please check out my video talking a little bit about this question.  VIPKID is looking for a good quality people who are willing to be dependable, loving and gracious to children, who have met the requirements for the job and who will bring their best effort to the classroom.  VIPKID is not about just entertaining a student.  VIPKID is about teaching children while having fun.  VIPKID is not looking for “cookie cutter” teachers.  We are all very different and VIPKID has very different teachers.  This is the perfect balance for our very different students.  Check out my video  discussing what VIPKID wants in a teacher!  If you are interested in applying please feel free to click here and sign up with me.  I will walk you through the process and provide a lot of tips to help you be successful.  You can also email me here for questions you might have.




VIPKID How to Apply and Get the Job!

Exciting new for me and VIPKID. Come join our team as we work together to help our applicants learn more about the company and pass their application process!  I am here to help.    Please feel free to email me from the contact tab here and I will happily answer any questions you might have about VIPKID.  I’ve been doing it a while now and am loving my job.  Its a great second income to pay off debt, extra spending money or to save for a great trip.  Got kids going to college?  We have a lot of moms who are saving for that very reason.  Stay at home mom?  Our hours are flexible and you can do it while your kids are sleeping or on weekends when you have the time!    Got questions?  Shoot me an email.  I’m happy to respond!  To apply click here


VIPKID What is a Referral Teacher?

What is a VIPKID Referral Teacher and why does it help to have one?   Connection is the  key. Having a referral teacher is not a requirement but it sure does help to have someone to ask questions of and to help you walk through the process.  Just a quick video on what a referral teacher is and is not!   If you are looking to apply  start here.